Quand les pionniers de la sécurité informatique se font Hacker

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Kevin, Dan Kaminsky, Fyodor, Simple Nomad

Kevin Mitnick, Dan Kaminsky et bien d’autre pionniers de la sécurité informatique se sont fait hacker par un groupe appelez  ZFO pour Zero For Owned 5, plus de 75,000 mots de passes dérobé et plain d’information mis en ligne je vous laisses contemplé :P

It’s July 28th, 2009! Welcome one and all to the real Black Hat Briefings. Live
from the underground, coming right at you free of charge. You don’t have to pay
to come, and you don’t get paid to be featured. Presented by real blackhats,
this is a must-see event!

This is a big one. We hacked notable whitehats Kevin Mitnick, Dan Kaminsky, and
Julien Tinnes, among others. We continued the skiddie holocaust with darkmindz,
elitehackers, hak5, binrev, and blackhat-forums. Along the way we created mass
mayhem. There are more rm’s in this zine than you can count on a hand. Just from
targets shown here we collected about 75,000 passwords. Passes, not hashes. If
you are reading this, then your browser probably did not crash, so you know we
couldn’t include all of our passwords, let alone hashes. The first version of
this was ten times the size of ZF04.

> lol yeah I’m gonna have to trim
> and by “trim” I mean “remove everything”

Let’s get warmed up with the first song from the zf05 mix tape, Search & Destroy
by classic Iggy Pop. Look for the rest of the songs in the article headers.

La suit est sur milw0rm.com et chapeau ;)

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